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You don’t have to work out at 5AM to qualify. That’s just the promise - that the 5am workout drops will rock your workout. We will only accept 10,000 founding members for special updates, access and content.  If you want to train hard, and Explicit Fitness is the solution (it sure as fuck is for us!) then we want you in this club.

It’s usually tough to get up early and train hard. But not when there’s a gorgeous woman waiting to train you… This club is for us. Great training. Incredible trainers. Where the natural response to female energy will drive you to train hard, to compete, to transform, and to get jacked.

5AM workout schedule

Unleashing the Power of Desire for Motivation

Discover the innovative approach to motivation and training brought to you by 5AM Fit Club—Explicit Fitness. By tapping into the primal desires related to attraction, even in a virtual setting, Explicit Fitness aims to elevate your motivation and testosterone response.

Beyond Traditional Motivations

While the common fitness goals of getting healthy or fitting into clothes are commendable, they can be easily delayed or dismissed. Explicit Fitness recognizes the need for an approach that goes beyond these traditional motivations and offers something more immediate and gratifying.

The Mission of 5AM Fit Club

Join the mission of the 5AM Fit Club, dedicated to delivering intense and effective Explicit Fitness to men ready to embrace consistency. This club is where the powerful synergy of great workouts and female charged motivation converges to redefine your fitness experience.

About us

The Power of WOMEN Energy in Training

Explicit Fitness leverages your most powerful instincts to bridge the gap between desire and results. Designed to eliminate the obstacle of lack of motivation, this approach combines the benefits of being strong, lean, and healthy with the potent motivation derived from female charged environments.

Vaporizing Motivational Barriers

Explicit Fitness is your tool to vaporize the motivation barriers standing between you and your fitness goals. By integrating intense 15-30 minute workouts, 5 days a week, with female charged desire, Explicit Fitness aims to stir masculine energy and bring about a transformation in your training approach.

Home of Explicit Fitness

Experience the unparalleled motivation of the female form—bare, sweaty, strong, and unapologetically on display. The 5AM Fit Club is the home of Explicit Fitness, where desire meets discipline for transformative results.

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