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5AM Fit Club is
Explicit Fitness

It’s usually tough to get up early and train hard. But not when there’s a gorgeous naked woman waiting to train you… This club is for us. Great training. Incredible trainers. Where the natural response to female sex energy will drive you to train hard, to compete, to transform, and to get jacked.

You don’t have to work out at 5AM to qualify. That’s just the promise - that the 5am workout drops will rock your workout. We will only accept 10,000 founding members for special updates, access and content.  If you want to train hard, and Explicit Fitness is the solution (it sure as fuck is for us!) then we want you in this club.



Welcome to the category of Explicit Fitness, a groundbreaking approach to motivation and training, innovated by 5AM Fit Club.

The desire for “that girl,” tapping into sexual energy - attraction - even if virtual - will get a man out of bed, and it will raise his testosterone response to training to get you to train harder. 


Let’s face it, working out to get healthy, even to get your clothes to fit, is great, but easy to put off or dismiss. And while fitness is good for you in the long term, that extra hour of sleep is gratifying right now. 


What’s MORE gratifying than an extra hour of sleep? Explicit Fitness. Since it’s good for you to be strong, lean and healthy - why not use your most powerful instincts to help? 


Explicit Fitness is designed to vaporize the one thing standing in between you and the results you want: Lack of motivation. Naked, gorgeous, fit women can get a man out of bed at any hour. A sexually charged environment can get a man to train harder, lift more, and ensure pain like a fucking animal. This is the power of Explicit Fitness.

But it can’t just be about nudity. That’s just porn. The power of Explicit Fitness is combining great workouts around 30-40 mins a day, 5 days a week, with sexually charged desire that stirs the masculine energy. Once you experience Explicit Fitness, you’ll realize what you’ve been missing all along.


That’s the mission of the 5AM Fit Club: To deliver intense, effective Explicit Fitness to men who are ready to get consistent.


Nothing will make a man get up at 5AM (or any hour), pick up a heavier weight or knock out a few agonizing extra reps than the power of the female form. Bare, sweaty, strong, and unapologetically on display. The 5AM Fit Club IS THE HOME OF EXPLICIT FITNESS.

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